Verbatim ‘GREEN SPACE’ Play – a Peterborough Presents commission!

Who uses the green space? Did you cross its’ path? Or did you chase it like gold in an urban jungle? What promises does it give? And what do you give of yourself when closer to ground in that web of organic matter?

The coming week marks the beginning of planning for The Verbatim ‘GREEN SPACE’ Play. Commissioned by Peterborough Presents with the support and partnership of The Green Backyard, WestRaven Big Local, The Olive Branch community garden and PECT (Peterborough Environment City Trust)  the script for ‘GREEN SPACE’ will be carefully crafted from interviews recorded with Peterborough’s gardeners and committed users of the ‘Environment City’s’ green spaces.

The initial product will be two sensory scratch performances located in the heart of these GREEN SPACEs in Spring 2017. I am especially excited about this project, which will encompass so many individuals impassioned to serve their community. The participation of so many voices also signifies a democratization of my the theatre-making/writing process, which I am looking forward to with the zeal of an enthused editor!

Do we need the green space? Shall we let its’ voices fade in property development or wild neglect?

If you would like to participate in the interview process and share stories of your relationship to Peterborough’s green spaces/community gardens/allotments, please DO contact me at If you would like to volunteer on production aspects of the project, please make contact at the same address.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Tamsin – Writer/Director 

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