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Work Experience BLOG – Transformer R&D  (Metal Residency, June 2016) by Beth Nottage & Megan Stone

Our first day of work experience students for Stream-Lyric based at Metal, Peterborough.

Upon arrival we met Tamsin, who is the creator and director of Stream-Lyric productions. Tamsin was extremely friendly and welcoming and made us both feel very relaxed. Before we started on any jobs we was able to sit in on some rehearsals for Stream-Lyric’s latest production ‘Transformer’. During this we were also given the opportunity to take photographs of the actors performing which we found enjoyable. The rehearsals as a whole were very impressive. The actors demonstrated bright and vibrant characters and conveyed them well. After we had watched a bit of the rehearsals we got to work! Our first task was to promote the two performances that will be taking place on the 8th July and 9th July 2016. To do this we started out by trying to spread the word on the facebook and twitter pages for Stream-Lyric. We thought that a good way to start would be by promoting the pages on our own social media to bring attention to the Stream-Lyric page and hopefully have them gain an interest in it. By doing this we were able to bring some more attention to the site and created an interest in the shows and the group itsself from some of our friends.  Our next task was to then promote the show to schools and colleges in Cambridgeshire who have an interest in the drama industry. For this we contacted a local sixth form department in Cambridge. By doing this we were hoping to attract some drama students and hopefully have them take an interest in the show, which they would then come and watch. Working for Stream-Lyric has been an insightful, learning experience which we have both enjoyed very much. We look forward to seeing how the show progresses.


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